Y&B293: Gloria tries to find employment and Billy bonds with Reed. Wyatt surprises Steffy and Ivy confronts Quinn.

On Y&R, Gloria piqued Jack’s interest when she offered to help him get Fenmore’s.  To everyone’s surprise, Devon woke up without any recollection of the events leading up to his car accident.  On B&B, Wyatt surprised Steffy with a new product line and Ivy confronted Quinn about flirting with Ridge.

Y&B292: Devon is injured in a car accident and Dylan says goodbye. Steffy moves out of Liam’s house and Ridge makes a move on Quinn.

On Y&R, Devon angrily left the New Year’s Eve gala after learning that Hilary was responsible for sabotaging Mariah’s debut as host of GC Buzz.  Dylan left Genoa City for an undercover police assignment.  On B&B, Steffy moved out of Liam’s house to honor her grandfather’s wishes.  Ridge set his plan for Quinn in motion.

Y&B290: Devon fires Hilary and Cane struggles to recover from his surgery. Brooke reunites with Ridge and Quinn takes drastic measures to protect her marriage.

On Y&R, Devon decided to replace Hilary with Mariah as the host of GC Buzz.  Cane returned to work after his surgery and is struggling with managing the pain as he heals.  On B&B, Brooke ended her engagement to Bill and Quinn took matters into her own hands after witnessing a conversation between Katie and Eric.

Y&B289: Travis pops the question and Faith asks if she can live with Nick. R.J. spends quality time with Bill and Katie purchases a home next door to the Forrester mansion.

On Y&R, Hoping to move past his mistake, Travis proposed to Victoria.  The Newmans celebrated Christian’s first birthday and Faith decided that she would prefer to live with Nick.  On B&B, R.J. and Bill attempted to bond with one another by spending time together.  Much to Quinn’s dismay, Katie purchased the home next door to the Forrester mansion.


Y&B288: Nick brings Christian home and Travis’s ex comes to Genoa City. Quinn has a successful fashion show and Nicole walks away from Zende.

On Y&R, Sharon and Dylan began attempting to find a new normal in their lives after Nick took Christian home.  Michelle, Travis’s ex from New York surprised him by showing up in Genoa City and making it clear that she still wants to be with him.  On B&B, Quinn successfully directed and starred in Forrester Creations’ latest fashion show.  Zende was devastated after he realized he made a foolish mistake.

Y&B287: Nick learns the truth about Christian and Victor attempts to trap Jack. Bill calls off the wedding and Zende leaves town with Sasha.

On Y&R, Patty called Nick and exposed Sharon’s dark secret.  Jack almost fell into Victor’s trap, but was saved by Phyllis.  On B&B, Bill decided to call off the wedding after walking in on a conversation between Ridge and Brooke. Nicole changed her mind and decided to be a surrogate for Maya and Rick a second time.

Y&B286: Paul gets close to uncovering Sharon’s secret and Jack releases information about Newman Enterprises to GC Buzz. Quinn takes over at Forrester and Steffy spends the night with Liam.

On Y&R, while searching for Patty during her apparent escape from Stonevale, Paul took a closer look at Patty’s paintings and realized that she may have a secret to tell.  Jack is blinded by his obsession with seeking revenge against Victor.  On B&B, Quinn honored Eric’s wishes and agreed to run Forrester Creations until he is able to return.  Steffy and Liam took their relationship to the next level…again.

Y&B285: Hilary struggles to keep her promise to Devon and the new Brash and Sassy holds a launch party. Maya and Rick make a bold request to Nicole and Steffy decides to end her marriage to Wyatt.

On Y&R, taking over as host of GC Buzz has turned out to be more than Hilary bargained for.  Realizing that his wife might be tempted to release gossip stories to get higher ratings, Devon warned Hilary to stay positive.  On B&B, Maya Rick asked Nicole to be their surrogate for a second time.  Steffy decided to leave Wyatt in attempt to rid her life of Quinn.

Y&B284: Phyllis decides to play hardball with Jack and Sharon receives a phone call from Patty! A stressful confrontation sent Eric to the hospital.

Phyllis decided to pursue an alternate plan after realizing that it won’t be easy to win Jack back.  Sharon received a surprise phone call from Patty who indicated that she may be around for a while - possibly, long enough to expose Sharon’s secret!  After furiously confronting his family for not showing up to his wedding, Eric suffered a severe brain hemorrhage.