Y&B278: On Y&R, Luca proposes to Summer and Chloe hands over the pages of Sage’s diary to Victor. On B&B, Eric rehires Quinn and Sasha kisses Thomas.

On Y&R, Luca proposed to Summer and she happily accepted.  On the surface, it appears that her family supports her decision, but Phyllis and Victor have teamed up forces to keep the marriage from occurring.  Feeling backed into a corner and fearing that she may run the risk of being sent to jail, Chloe handed over the real pages of Sage’s diary to Victor.

On B&B, Steffy nearly blew a gasket after learning that her grandfather, Eric, has decided to rehire Quinn to reinstate Forrester’s jewelry line.  Meanwhile, Ridge has plans to take control of Forrester and Sasha is now seeing Thomas in a new light.