Y&B277: Chloe makes plans of her own to bring down Adam and Travis decides to leave Genoa City. Bill takes Will away from Katie and Eric steps in as CEO of Forrester Creations.

On Y&R, Chloe's back!!  Once again, Victor has summoned the help of a mentally unstable person as part of an evil plot to destroy someone, only to renege and pursue his own personal interests.  Now that Chloe realizes Victor is planning to clear Adam's name, she is angry, to say the least.  Will she destroy the only evidence that can exonerate Adam?  Devon strongly advised Jack to back away from his close watch over Hilary; another round of tough news for Jack, following Phyllis's decision to move out of the Abbott mansion.

On B&B, Dollar Bill shipped his young son Will off to an undisclosed location after being confronted by Katie about his emotional affair with Brooke.  Rather than run the risk of having Will taken from him by Katie, Bill plans to petition the court for full custody by telling the judge that alcoholism has made her an unfit parent.  Quinn was busted by Steffy during her attempt to have yet another secret rendezvous with Eric at Forrester Creations.  Will Eric come to Quinn's defense?  Will their relationship change from just a casual fling to something more serious?