Y&B275: Victor is shot and Hilary checks into GC Memorial. Quinn has a secret lover and Liam walks in on Bill and Brooke.

On Y&R, Ian realized that there was no getaway car waiting for him after providing his testimony against Victor,  as Chelsea promised.  Quickly deciding to take matters into his own hands, Ian took a gun from a prison guard, grabbed Nikki as a hostage and shot Victor when he attempted to stop them.  Jack’s romantic birthday getaway didn’t go as well as he’d hoped.  Phyllis drank a little too much champagne and passed out - at least, that’s what she led Jack to believe.  

On B&B, Quinn made yet another attempt to make amends with Steffy.  After being sent away, we learned that she has a secret lover to help console her.  Liam received quite an eyeful after walking in to Bill’s office unannounced and taking a peak in his secret room.