Y&B272: Jill returns to Genoa City and Victoria allows Summer to temporarily take control of Newman. Sasha gets creative and Ridge books Thomas on the next flight to Shanghai.

On Y&R, Jill showed up to check on a few things in Genoa City including her son.  Imagine her surprise when she learned that Phyllis has been offering quite a bit of her support to Billy.  Intuition is leading Jill to believe that there’s a little more than friendship happening between the pair. After another stressful day in the office (and by “day”, we mean “couple of hours”), Victoria decided to spend time with Travis and leave Summer at the helm of Newman for the afternoon.  What could go wrong?

On B&B, just when Sasha’s back was up against the wall as both of her sisters cornered her and demanded that she take a home pregnancy test to prove that she and Zende have a baby on the way, she took advantage of an opportunity to get the positive result she needed.  There’s no shame in Ridge’s game!  He’s decided that the best way to keep his family and his secret in tact is to ship Thomas to Shanghai under the guise that it will prepare him to take over Forrester one day.