Y&B270: Lily learns of Neil’s involvement in Hilary’s coma and disappearance and Phyllis gives into her desire to be with Billy. Thomas finds out the truth about Douglas and Quinn asks Steffy for help.

Drama on fleek!!  On Y&R, Cane told Lily about Neil’s involvement in Hilary’s coma and disappearance.  In turn, Lily let Hilary know, in no uncertain terms, that she’s not thrilled about the fact that Hilary is using Neil’s crime as blackmail to get what she wants.  Adam and Chelsea discovered that Sage knew that Adam is Christian’s father and Phyllis and Billy gave into their desire for each other!

On B&B, Thomas learned that Douglas is his son.  After Caroline pleaded with him, Thomas agreed to act as Douglas’s brother…for now.  The police showed up to cart Quinn away after she paid a surprise visit to Steffy.