Y&B269: Sage and Sharon learn the truth about Christian and Abby confronts Max. Nicole tells Sasha to leave L.A. and Quinn pays a visit to Liam.

On Y&R, Sage learned the truth about Christian, but was killed in a tragic car accident shortly thereafter.  Now, Sharon is left with two life-altering secrets: the true identity of Christian/Sullivan and her involvement in Sage’s accidental death!  What’s she going to do now?  Will there be a new man in Victoria’s life?  Will Abby be able to prove that Max played a role in her miscarriage?  How much longer will Hilary continue to act like a mad woman drunk with power?

On B&B, Nicole told Sasha to pack her bags and leave L.A.  Fed up with being treated like an outsider, Sasha informed Nicole that they are sisters.  Quinn showed up on Liam’s doorstep and begged for a second chance.  Will Bill track Quinn down and make her pay for keeping Liam hidden for months?  Will Katie spill the secret about Douglas’s paternity?