Y&B297: Jill recovers from a heart attack and Lauren receives upsetting news about Scott. Ivy confronts Quinn and Spectra Fashions’ revival fashion show receives a disappointing review.

On Y&R, Jill suffered a heart attack after learning that Collin depleted her bank accounts to support a bad investment.  Lauren received a chilling phone call from her son’s captor.  On B&B, Ivy approached Quinn after witnessing her kiss Ridge.  Sally and her team put on a private fashion show for Jared, but received a disappointing review.


Y&B295: Gloria plans her revenge against Jack and sparks fly between Phyllis and Billy. Thomas meets Sally Spectra and Brooke walks in on a conversation between Quinn and Ridge.

On Y&R, Gloria revealed her story on GC Buzz when Jack didn’t compensate her for her help in acquiring a portion of Lauren’s company. Feeling like outcasts, Phyllis and Billy turn to each other for comfort. On B&B, the new generation of Spectra Fashions is forming now that Sally Spectra’s niece has decided to rebuild the company and Ridge and Quinn struggle to keep their secret.


Y&B294: Devon is released from the hospital and Dylan continues his undercover assignment. Quinn and Ridge take a business trip together and Thomas returns to L.A.

On Y&R, Devon’s condition improved, but his memory hasn’t fully returned.  Dylan made progress on his undercover assignment by getting close to Fisk’s partner.  On B&B, Ridge took advantage of an opportunity to spend time alone with Quinn during a business trip and attempted to trick her into giving in to his advances, but his plan was unsuccessful.  Thomas returned home.