The Co-Hosts

Meet Nicole.

Nicole loves drama! Specifically, daytime drama. She has been a fan of The Young and The Restless for as long as she can remember and has been watching The Bold and The Beautiful since it began.

Thank God for the invention of the DVR!  Nicole's VCR endured many years of overuse from recording Y&R and B&B on a regular basis! For Nicole, talking about these soaps with her sister Davetta and trying to predict what will happen next is just as exciting as watching them.  Nicole and Davetta enjoyed their "soap talks" so much they thought 'Hey, why not let others in on the conversation?' 

 In addition to her fondness of Y&R and B&B, Nicole has a passion for voiceovers.  She has done commercial voice over work and more recently she has decided to get her feet wet in the broadcasting arena,  hence the idea for this podcast.


Meet Davetta.

Davetta grew up with her sidekick sister Nicole in the Tidewater area of Virginia.  She was first introduced to the Young and the Restless when she was at a daycare facility and instead of taking naps, she would watch the stories with one of the daycare providers. 

Mesmerized by longtime characters such as Victor Newman, Nikki Newman, John Abbot and Katherine Chancellor have made her a faithful viewer for over twenty years. Davetta easily welcomed the Forrester family as well as the Logans from The Bold and the Beautiful when it first premiered in 1987.

As a child, Davetta would take an old tape player/recorder, ask her parents for empty tapes, and would record made up stories by herself and sister Nicole and play them back to neighborhood kids or anyone else that would listen.  After spending years talking on the telephone with her sister discussing favorite parts of the stories, reenacting scenes and trying to guess what would happen next, Davetta was all too excited to be a part of her sister's idea of having these same type of discussions on a podcast that could be listened to by anyone who enjoys these stories just as much as they do.